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Originally Posted by The_Fuzz

Now, from what I have read, it may be a little more than I bargained for! Certainly doesn't sound like much of a trainer. Anyway, I would like to at least make an effort to fly it. Any good tips for me, other than what is in this thread already?
You say you have heli experience. Are you any good?

Low wing planes are designed for aerobatics not for training. While it is possible that, with lots of sim time, you could be well prepared for this plane, the probabilty is low. Mustang pilots did not learn to fly in Mustangs.

If you do try to fly it, it must be nearly dead calm.

Launch, fly straight out and land - no turns. Do this till it feels natural.

Then, launch, go for altitude, at least 100 feet, and just circle the field practicing keeping it in front of you, keeping it level and holding altitude. Then land well before your battery is done.

Do that at least 5 times where you have not issues.

I would rather see you with a high wing plane but you are the pilot. You are in comtrol. You make the decisions.
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