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Originally Posted by The_Fuzz
Advice needed . . .I have read through a lot of the forums here, so I have a bit of an idea what I need to do. I have this plane coming in the next couple of days:

Now, from what I have read, it may be a little more than I bargained for! Certainly doesn't sound like much of a trainer. Anyway, I would like to at least make an effort to fly it. Any good tips for me, other than what is in this thread already?

I have FMS, and downloaded the PZ P51D model. Unfortunately I only have a standard joystick, so It isn't ideal for learning. This got me wondering, how are the controls set up on a 4 channel tx?

As for experience? Not much, I'm afraid . . I have a Havoc Heli (Picoo Z) and a Blade Runner. I have also used MS flight sim for years. Other than that, I'm a bit of a newb! I plan on hitting the field and trying some takoff/landings, and maybe a little bit of actual airtime, depending on how it goes, but I don't anticipate I'll get much. I'll be happy just coming home without repairs.

So, any advice on flying this bird?
I am respectfully recommending that you do not fly this model as I just don't see enough RC Flying experience with what you listed above. I really do not think that computer simulation will provide you with the accurate needed skills to fly this particular "aileron" RC Warbird model. I am afraid that you will crash it and will not be happy with the experience.

Also, experience with what you are buying comes to mind.....don't misunderstand me....the model looks great and best of all (in comparision with GWS), it comes fully assembled with power system and radio gear all installed, however......

Package Include:
Airplane (90% assembled)
4 Channel Multifunctional Radio Transmitter
Wall Battery Charger
High Quality Rechargeable 8.4V 600mah Ni-MH Battery <------
English Manual

I am pretty sure that the carbon brushed motor they are shipping with the model is the Mabuchi 370, 7.2Volt, which is a good motor and has good torque as oppose to the 6.0Volt version. Also, the gearbox ratio must be around 5:1 since I see a very large propeller ( estimate a 10 X 8 slow flyer).

The only thing I see a weakness is the very low capacity 7-Cell, 600mAH, Ni-MH as I fear it is AAA-size and carries the highest internal resistance due to size. (From the picture of that Web Site you provided it is hard to determine what size battery cell they will be supplying), on the other hand if it's the 2/3A size then, it will provide a very good delivery of AMP (current) and it should do well.

I will make sure that:

1. The battery pack would need to be carefully cycled for the first couple of charges such as at the lowest AMP (current setting) to alllow the battery actively accepting a charge say around 0.2 of an AMP for the first couple of charges and after that I would not surpass 6/10 of an AMP or 0.6 AMP rate setting there after.

2. The large propeller, 10 X 8, will provide lots of thrust at wide open and good airspeed but, you need to make sure that you don't fly this model to the very end of the battery charge if you want to land her under power, otherwise expect a dead stick landing.

3. You need to be very careful in applying the elevator throw (little as possible or per instructions) as this model does tip stall if you apply too much up elevator because of it's short Fuse length.

4. Assuming you do feel comfortable flying this particular model and be successful with all the SIM training then, later for more airspeed (spirited RC Flying) I would recommend to get a different propeller such as the 9X7 "and" 8-cell, AAA-size, 720mAH, Ni-MH's.

My recommendation is to first try and fly Rudder+Elevator high wing model first and then, after you are very capable with lots of flights then, the Mustang.
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