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Advice needed . . .I have read through a lot of the forums here, so I have a bit of an idea what I need to do. I have this plane coming in the next couple of days:

Now, from what I have read, it may be a little more than I bargained for! Certainly doesn't sound like much of a trainer. Anyway, I would like to at least make an effort to fly it. Any good tips for me, other than what is in this thread already?

I have FMS, and downloaded the PZ P51D model. Unfortunately I only have a standard joystick, so It isn't ideal for learning. This got me wondering, how are the controls set up on a 4 channel tx?

As for experience? Not much, I'm afraid . . I have a Havoc Heli (Picoo Z) and a Blade Runner. I have also used MS flight sim for years. Other than that, I'm a bit of a newb! I plan on hitting the field and trying some takoff/landings, and maybe a little bit of actual airtime, depending on how it goes, but I don't anticipate I'll get much. I'll be happy just coming home without repairs.

So, any advice on flying this bird?
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