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Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures

Post-crash procedure
1. Last known bearing- Note
2. Useful Landmarks- Note
3. Control Tx- OFF
4. Video Goggles- OFF
5. Video Rx- OFF
6. Search- Initiate

Loss of Control Signal
7. Control Tx- Raise to eye level. Ensure antenna is vertical
If Control is regained:
8. Turn and close control Tx
9. Range where Tx signal was lost- Note. Do not exceed.
10. Continue Flight
If control remains lost:
11. Video Goggles- Stow
12. Post-crash Procedures- Execute

Loss of Video Signal
1. Video Goggles- Stow
2. Visual Contact- Gain
3. Controls- Neutral, Throttle-Off

Because of inherant stability, the airplane may stay airborne for some time.

If visual conatct is made:
4. Turn and close video Rx
If video signal returns:
5. Range where loss of video signal was lost- Note. Do not exceed
6. Continue flight
If video signal remains lost but airplane is in sight:
7. Land visually as soon as practicable
If visual contact is not made:
8. Post crash procedure-Execute

Un-commanded Motor Shutdown
1. Wings-Level
2. Nose- On or slightly bellow horizon
3. Throttle- OFF
4. Throttle- ON


Repeated re-starts in low battery conditions will cause Li-Po Batteries to degrade beyond recovery.

If power is regained:
5. Land as soon as possible
If power is not regained:
6. Land immediately


Choose a clear landing site. Loss of the aircraft is preferred over impacting third party persons or property

7. Post-crash procedure- As required
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