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Originally Posted by Aero65
In a recent MA DB commented on how we should not turn away modelers because we do not like the type of models they are flying.

I have also read the stories of certain clubs banning types of flying, turbine, 3D, Electric etc.

I agree with DB's article for the most part there is no place to ban types of flying that other modelers are involved in. Now there are certain times like burn bans, etc. that some aircraft like turbines should not fly.

I don't think that AMA should support clubs that ban certain types of aircraft that are "AMA legal"

What is a AMA member to do if they are a minority in the club and their type of flying gets banned?

I suppose we have been operating under the auspices that common sense is the limiting factor here and that Club officers will use prudence and good judgment administering their clubs. Unfortunately many times when these ban issues come up it seems that prejudice, jealousy and emotions dictate the thought process, and we loose members.

Im am president of Aloha State R/C club on the Island of Oahu and fortunately we don't have any of this happening here in our state that I have seen. With all the stories that I have read though, it seems like there are enough incidents of this happening to make it an issue.

Thank you for your time and Good Luck
Hi Aero,
I pretty much agree with DB. The club I belong to operates like yours. We all fly whatever we want and there are no problems. The vast majority of the clubs in our district operate the same way; although there are a few that restrict some forms of modeling at their fields. I havenít seen a conflict like this, though, that canít be worked out if the club membership makes a bit of an effort.
Now, like everything else, there are exceptions to the rule. In our district there are clubs that are heli clubs, sailplane clubs, electric clubs, etc. And, of course there are controline clubs and free flight clubs. I donít see these groups as restricting membership but more formed to engage in a specific form of model aviation. And in some cases there are other issues that need to be considered. Like a club that might be electric only to solve a problem that they might otherwise have with their neighbors if, say, models with internal combustion engines were flown from that site.
Each circumstance is unique and should be addressed on an individual basis. But, like I said up top. In a generic sense I agree with Dave.
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