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Okay, back to the Absolute.

I've had a chance to look it over up close and here are some of the plus points I've noticed;

-Wipers on the ailerons look great (don't remember if these were here before)

-Complete hardware package with the good stuff.

-Horizontal stab and wing mate to the fuse very nicely (better than my previous)

-38mm nose cone mates to the fuse perfectly

-motormount allready installed and has room, small gap forward of the mount, for any creative reinforcement desired

-love the access panel design for the tail servo

-extra layer of carbon/kevlar in the fuse where you'd mount a tow hook or landing skeg.

Minus points:

-you'll have to drill two small holes in the wing for the aileron servo leads to enter the fuse. I'll look at the wreckage from the last one and see where I drilled. I figure that'll be a safe spot to re-do the holes since that previous wing had 9 lives. I guess this point is being being pretty picky, ... Not a big deal actually, just akward the first time you do it.

Also, did some calcs on the F27 with 10 and 11 s. Looks speedy with a cut down prop, the built in 3.7 gear drive is nice for gaining some RPM at the prop; probably not enough juice though.


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