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Normal Procedures

Normal Procedures

"Daily" Inspection
Must be completed no more than 3 days prior to flight

1. Airframe- Inspect for integrity
2. Main Flight Battery- Charge
3. Ground Station- Charge
4. DVR Battery- Charge
5. RC Tx- Charge
6. SD Card- Clear
7. Mission Waypoints- Load (as required)
8. Flight Log- Download (as required)

"Turnaround" Inspection
Must be completed no more than 1 day prior to flight

1. Pre-flight checklist- Complete.
2. Flight controls- Check for correct response.
3. Video- Check for clarity

Pre-Flight Checklist:
1. Wings/Center Spar/Aileron Servo Wires- Install/Connect
2. Ground Station- ON
3. Correct Channel- Sellect
If another signal is detected do not power-up until source of signal is determined and signal is secured. Operating on same signal can cause catastrophic loss of aircraft.
4. Correct CG- Confirm
5. Airframe- Check for general appearance, security, alignment.

Pre-Take-off Checklist:
1. Control Tx- ON
2. Aileron and Elevator Trim- 0

Rate gyros will not initialize if trims are not set to zero

3. Canopy- Open
4. Flight Battery- Connect
5. Video Battery- Connect (as required)
6. Altimeter-Reset to Zero (as required)
7. Canopy- Secure
8. Range Check- Complete, as required
9. Ensure that both gyros are properly initialized, armed and providing the correct flight control inputs


An un-initalized gyro will result in loss of control in that axis and subsequent loss of the aircraft and possible bodily injury

10. Flight Controls- Check for correct response and freedom of movement


Keep clear of the prop arc.

11. Trim- as required
12. Video Feed- Confirm
13. OSD GPS initializing- Check (as required)
15. Pan function- Check
16. Lights- As required
17. DVR- ON, Rec
18. OSD ON- Check
19. Home Set- Check
Do not launch in OSD Menu Mode.

Take-off Checklist:
1. Wind- Check Direction
2. Launch Area- Confirm Clear
3. Controls- Sweep, check for correct control surface response.
4. Video Goggles- Don
5. Controls- Neutral
6. Trim- Set, as required
7. Dual Rate- Set, as required
8. Power-as required
9. Airplane- Launch in a nose level attitude, into the wind

Post-take-off Checklist:
1. Flight Controls- Check
2. Return to Home- Check as required

Landing Checklist:
1. Wind- Check direction
2. Landing Site- Confirm clear
3. Power- Off, on Final into the wind
4. Flight Controls- Maintain a nose level attitude
5. Flare- Perform, as required around 2 feet AGL
6. Video Goggles- stow, after aircraft comes to a complete halt

Post-Landing Checklist:
1. Airplane- Check for general appearance, security, alignment and missing parts
2. FOD- Check
3. Correct CG- Confirm
4. DVR-as required
5. Lights- as required
6. Head Tracking Clip- Disconnect, as required.

Shutdown Checklist:
1. Ground Station- OFF
3. Camera Cover- Install
4. Canopy- Open
5. Flight Battery- Disconnect
6. Canopy- Secure to Cockpit
7. Control Tx- OFF
8. Wings/Center Spar- Remove and Stow
9. Airplane and Ground Station- Stow
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