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SE5a Full Fuselage 3D Maiden report

Quite a time ago I sent a private message to pjmass - designer of the 'Baby Baron', Big Baron', Das Ugle-stick etc. to ask if he was going to design a full fuz SE5a (my all time favourite aircraft !). This is the result ! I took a while to build it and whilst it is 'stand off scale' I admit I got a little bit carried away with the details (just a tad LOL).

Maidened it yesterday - it flew perfectly !!!!!! (having said that, Peter is an accomplished 3D flyer and I am strictly a mediocre sport flyer !)

High rates rapidly scared me to death ! It goes exactly where you point it and it rolls like a drill!!!! So, switched to low rates, and as usual with Peter's designs, it flew like a pussy cat (even I could handle it LOL!) Wild to mild.

Being slightly anal, I had checked and re-checked everything during the build and fitting out to be sure everything was as it should be....however, did the usual wiggle of the sticks immediately before opening the throttle for the maiden ROG ..only to discover (thank goodness !) that somehow - even after all that checking - that the rudder was reversed !!!!!!!!

During the maiden the motor cut ! (that has never ever happened to me before with an electic motor !!!!!!!) Result - dead stick landing. Checked it out - couldn't find anything wrong - relaunched and after 5 minutes - it did it again !!!!! Another dead stick landing - couldn't believe it !.....I am now troubleshooting cos I found that my CC Phoenix esc was red hot ! Maybe too many amps but I suspect not enough cooling air - the air temperature at the time was 45C / 112 F + (!) and the esc is inside the fuz!

The dead stick landing were a testament to the strength of the model and actually a bit of a confidence booster for me ! Anyway, back to troubleshooting the esc. I just can't wait to get this machine back into the air!

I have attached a couple of photies.

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