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yeah i make movires for me and my friends of stuff we do.

but this project of the air war is something i want to enter into a major short film festival we have in australia!!!!

the plot goes something like this....

there is a local fly in at a airshow,each plane does a little display etc in the lunch time there is meant to be a secial fly past of a GWS F15!!!!
when the guy in the control tower looks at his screen he see's a big blimp etc.
unknown to the air show its a force of enemy planes.

they come in and blow up 14 old used air frames i have that will be made to look real etc.

they left and the good guys get there stuff together and head for a hunt.

when they get there a air battle is on etc and then they shown the enemy how destroying a base should be done

the good guys will be flying a me262,bf109,fw190,p40,p38 and a f15...all GWS!!!!
the enemy will have a high wing trainer me and my mates used to learn on.
i have have 45 rockets and a heap of bungers to let off!!!!!! i have built hangers,a control tower and many things that are around a air field etc.

this will all be made on a large farm air all will be very SAFE.

this is one of the main reason i need pilots in each plane so i can paint each one
to look differnet and be a different charactor in my movie

the movie will be filmed in full HD video

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