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Austin Shackles
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Re: Single phase electric motor problem

On or around Fri, 22 Jun 2007 18:26:30 -0500, jlh45
<> enlightened us thusly:

>For about 25 years I have had an Elektra Beckum table mounted 12 inch
>circular saw which for several years has been used rarely, maybe only
>one job in a year. The motor is a 2.2 kw, 2,800 rpm capacitor start
>single phase induction motor, which is rated at 11.5A.

it sounds like the capacitor's had it. Chances are, for that application,
it's a "constant capacitor" (i.e. low torque) motor, unless you know
otherwise. If so it hasn't got start windings nor an internal starting

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