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Adam and Erich :

First let me tell you that I dont know how true this story is but it is something I read somewhere.

The Pup & Se5a could fly so much slower than most all the other planes of that ara that one dogfight manuver was to drop the throttle and let their aponent pass them up and as they past them they would drop their tail and shoot up at their aponent.
Suposably it worked pretty good but again I dont know that for sure because I dont remember where I read that.
Pretty cool though if its real.

I got a little footage of my Pup and my nephews DR 1 flying together but I dont know what I did when I saved it but I tried and tried and I cant upload it for you guys to see.
BUT !!!
If you go to our club site and scroll about half way down and look to the right you will see in red writting "NEW" and right next to that in green writting "VIDEO ARCHIVES".
Click on that and when the page comes up our video is called (Bi-Tri Planes)

I dont know why the guy editted it out but we were actually dogfighting !!
Maybe we were to high up to tell, maybe thats why he editted it out. "I dont know"

Erich in one of those fly byes we were pretty slow and you can kinda tell my nephew is haveing trouble staying with the Pup. He starts porpousing a little and my Pup is still steady and flying. So they do fly slow, you will like your Pup.

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