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Adam :
Its the differnce between constant pitch props and tapered props. APC produce the mass of there thrust in the first couple of inches from the centre and taper away towards the tip to control tip speed drag. This ensures overall rpm remains high. A constant pitch prop generate huge drag at the tip and can bring the overalll rpm down as a result. Ideal for big fat slow powerful models
Thanks for that exsplanation, I kinda thought that might be it but it was just a thought.
Now that I see you think it as well, then I feel confident that the way it is.

Erich :
Yes ! do give your Saito .40 a chance because my Saito .45 I was telling you about several post back is very old and worn.
It may be a .30 now for all I know
Your pup can fly that slow (8 mph), wow that's great.
You are not going to beleive it Erich !!!
These Pups will fly at what I guess may be 2 or 3 mile and houe with no wind.
They litterally float and if your engine doesnt idle good then it will be hard to get down.
Unless there is a little headwind to help you out and set it down.

Thats why I think that if your Saito .40 is powerful enough then it will be great because it should idle down enough to where you can land in no wind.

Adam , Video's would be cool if you get some.

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