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Hey Wayne,

Sorry it's taken me a little while to respond...a lot has been going on lately. I haven't even done anything to my glider so far except take it out of the box and admire As for where I fly around here, there's a bunch of local soccer fields at a place called Redoubt...I used to play soccer there, and it's really nice, esp now when there's no one out there....come spring/summer, I can maybe get one field to myself sometimes. There's a local club that flies at Camp Jordan, but they don't like anyone else flying there usually if you aren't a member, even though it's a public field.and I wish more than anything I could fly out at the military park, Chicamauga...I was out there last Sunday hiking and there are some tremendously huge fields....I guess the key would be just don't get caught.....twice....

As for the batteries, here's what I've done so far. I had to get some othe things from radical RC, so I added on a few different little battery packs to see what I can do....I'll use them for something...I also got a single medium li-poly cell that from the dimensions, just might do the trick....I'm gonna see what happens. I was an idiot, cause I ordered from FMA and forgot to add on some of the smaller Li-poly's...but I'm still unsure about charging....the only charger I have so far is a converted cell phone charger, and from what I understand it should be okay for any 2 cell pack??? is that correct?? Or is it just for packs of that size?!?!? And I checked the local batteries plus again, and sure enough, the ones I saw tha tI liked that were much cheaper were li-ion....I still don't exactly understand the difference but everyone seems to swear by the li-poly's, so I'm trying to go that way too....Now I just need a charger to do 1, 2, and 3 cells probably. I'll try to keep everyone updated, though. All my equipment should be arriving soon.....
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