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I figured I would wade in as the thread starter.
I have been practicing with mine pretty extensively. I have a talking timer and essentially a practice session is 3 timed flights to get an average for the day, then set the timer for one minute beyond the average time and attempt points landings until the radio is out of battery.

How many flights have I made? No bloody idea. A bunch would be a fair guess.
Have I landed it hard? Oh yeah. Hard enough to pop the reciever out of the velcro. I put a skeg on the front that I reinforced with a lay up of CF to cushion it and I have been grinding that thing to a pulp.

Bottom line (and not to disagree with Jack because I respect him, his opinion and flying ability) I have thus far had no issues.

I have had two small things to contend with that will happen regardless of the model. I was flying in the desert and popped a few holes in the covering landing in rough areas and I hyper extended the rudder once so that the trim that seals the rudder hinge got stuck and I had to make a few snips to get the rudder to re-seat.

I just picked up an Ava so I will be flying that as well as my Dragonfly.

I feel it is still the best and least expensive way to take the step in a competition worthy full house glider that is currently available.

And yes the tips do suck.

I think this winter I will make some tiplets but for now I just glue the little suckers back on and hook it back up to the winch.

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