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I've been trying to stay out of this thread because it's not my deal, but as the guy that restarted the 4.8V thing I've got this to say:

Use of a 4.8V motor is NOT cheating. If you knew about the history of 400 pylon, you'd know that's what the event started with. The standard race setup was a 4.8V motor running 5 sub-c cells. It worked. Then people went to 7 cells when batteries got smaller and lighter and forgot all about the 4.8V motor because it smoked itself on 7 cells.

Last year I was looking for a different way be competitive in a beginner's pylon event (the 400 NATs) that was being dominated by an expert-I ended up with the 4.8V setup on 6 cells. A true competitor doesn't look at what the rules say, he/she looks at what they DON'T say. Nowhere did the rules stipulate any particular wind or dictate packs with strictly 7 cells.

I understand that you guys are just club racing, but if you show up at the field and another racer has something different that happens to be faster it's probably not because he cheated, it's because he wanted to win more than you did. The guy that works the hardest will always be faster. He played on the bench, he did what he had to to get old 500AR's, he practiced etc., and that's not wrong.

Given that you guys fly small airplanes like the Stinger and Hummer, I would think the 4.8V/5C motor would a shoe-in for your racers. Taking an ounce and a half out of a Stinger would make it turn a lot better and probably still be very fast.


P.S. How many of you are running the 4.8V setup now?
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