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Originally Posted by erich

Yes I would sell it. Checked the site, thanks. Didn't find any transparent stuff, do you know if carry any? Used micafilm on a hand launch (flipper) back in tbe dark ages. Still got some from that era as a matter of fact. Had to use balsarite as a glue. Seemed like good stuff. The up side to using a seperate glue is, you don't have glue on the film where it's not needed. Have no idea why I started using monokote, guess I just got used to applying it.

I may go with white Solartex (or your ripstop polyester) for the fuselage, and wing LE, but use transparent Ultracote on most of the open wing structure.

Send me a pm or email about the fuselage, I have the canopy too.

I'll pm you this evening about the fuse. Re: the fabric.... Is it as transparent as transparent monocote? No, not really but it is quite translucent. Light shines thru it very nicely. You can't see the details of your structure thru it but in the air, it looks like any transparent covering. When I first did the stab & rudder on my Condor, it was so bright in the sky, it looked like a flying neon sign. Almost painful to the eyes when close to directly up-sun. Now, with aging, the flourescence diminishes somewhat but it still shows up quite well in the sky. Plus the material is very puncture resistant if you land out in the weeds, not that we ever do that.
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