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Originally Posted by pldaniels

Got a nice Cessna 180 here in stock... else a Tyro 150. I'm also getting in some clipped-wing cubs in the next week or two.


Thanks for the pointer Paul,

I laready saw the MM cessna on you rsite but I am after something I can equip with power plants I have lying around and my hunch is that the Cessna would be too small and light for what I have. Th elightest pack I have is a 100g 1300mah 3s lipo and the lightest motor I have is a 57g BP21. So I am thnking this powerplant would be too heavy for the cessna???

How big will the Clipped wing cub be Paul? will it be from MM as well?


Thanks for all tehtips mate.

Actually I am a relatively competent flyer and have flown bipes before. The only thing is I haven't worked with balsa before and want to try my hand at it. ANother incentive in byuing a kit is that I'll be moving overseas soon and am guessing kits would be much easier to ship as they would fit in small boxes?


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