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Maidened the Stryker (finally)

Finally had some time off for this holiday weekend, and (for once) the weather cooperated. I like to maiden new planes in dead calm weather so that I can easily trim the plane during flight. There were NO winds at all today in my flight area, not even the slightest breeze. I posted some photos/specs of my F-27 Stryker a few pages back in this thread, but I'll reiterate the specs anyway...

* Mega 16/25/4 long can motor
* CC 35A ESC
* HS-65HB servos
* 4S 2200mAh LiPo
* 7x7 Graupner speed prop

F-27B - all stock airframe parts used

I'll start off by stating that the Stryker launches with ease. Quick comparison - every time I loft my FunJet into the air, I get nervous for a few seconds because the thing has a tendency to torque roll immediately. The Stryker goes into the air very smoothly, no noticeable torque roll or wobble from a typical hand launch. With that Mega 16/25/4 and a 4S LiPo, the F-27 Stryker screams across the sky at ballistic speeds. The Mega 16/25/4 provides ~50 oz. of thrust when equipped with a 7x7 Graupner speed, propelling the 27 oz. airframe through the sky at incredible speeds.

I had to add several clicks of down trim because the Stryker (thanks to its delta wing characteristics) definitely had a tendency to nose-up when I punched the throttle. The best way to trim the Stryker is to compromise - you don't want too much down trim, because you'll nose down during docile flight. I am considering mixing throttle with a little down elevator, but I'm fine with handling it manually for now. After a few clicks of down trim, it was flying nice and level, perfect hands-off gliding as well.

I'll post some video some time in the next week. I am interested in getting a Doppler reading - on some of the low-altitude passes I did today, I would estimate the Stryker traveling at ~80-90mph, but want to confirm that. The 4S 2200mAh LiPo still had juice after more than 12 minutes of high-throttle flight, although I did limit WOT to short 5-10 second bursts.

Bottom line - the Stryker is incredibly easy to fly, and I believe the Mega 16/25/4 is a good motor, especially if you're looking for power. I could certainly tell that the Stryker wasn't intended to be pushed this far (due to its nosing-up tendencies), but it's a load of fun and impressive to watch at high speeds.
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