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Re: Semi-On Topic: X-Wing Fly-Off competition documentary on PBS *right now*

On Tue, 4 Feb 2003 21:52:43 -0500, "Normen Strobel"
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>> 8PM Eastern time on PBS tonite...


>Great Show. Thanks for the heads up. Almost makes me want to donate to

Thanks for not making fun of my errant "X-Wing" in the title - should have
been "X-Plane", of course...

Maybe the Air Force Thunderbirds documentary that immediately followed will be
enough for "viewers like you" ;-) to kick in. There was some remarkable
footage going back to the first crews of 1953-54.

You always hear about 18" separation but until you see the footage up close
it's a concept that's hard to swallow...

/daytripper (And I wonder how they fit their balls inside the cockpit :-)