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Could this be a threat to our hobby or worse?

I have been interested in RC planes for a long time and have thought some anout UAV's. Being in the USAF and getting to see some UAV's in action and having to look for terrorest threats a thought occured to me. What kind of danger or harm could someone used a large scale model as a weapon. With the technology that is available and the motivation to cause harm that some people have, isn't it a matter of time before someone builds a drone equipped to carry a dangerous payload?

The method used to build such a UAV is not my focus here, I dont want to encourage anyone to move in this direction of turn this into a terrorists how-to. My worry is that if it happens the danger to the hobby could be great. Law makers could be pushed to set regulations that would limit what, where, and how we fly and build. Imagin having to register our models having to have them inspected or certified. Being limited to only a few places to fly or being limited on the size of out models.

I think it is just a matter of time before we have to deal with this. Has this topic been brought up already?
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