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100" Hollow Molded Dynamic Build Thread

I will be sharing all of the info I have gathered over the past couple of years in this build. I wasn't planning to document this build until today so you will not be able to see the plug prep process for the elevator. However, I will do a step by step for the fuse or wing or something. I am making hollow 60" and 80" versions as well. I will keep this thread exclusive to the 100". Until I recieve all of my parts as promised I would rather not share info regarding my source of CNC cut plugs. Well see how it goes. So far so good.

Ok. The 100" will have a one piece wing. All models will have flaps. All the tail linkage will be internal and will be accessable through a cap at the rear end of the fuse. I have made some design changes in the plane. The first is the tail airfoils. I found a more slipery airfoil that is a bit thicker at the hingeline. This will aid in keeping the elevator strong in torsion. I elevated the wing in the fuse a bit so the fuse will be stronger under the wing at the trailing edge. I increased the diameter of the boom. To keep the proportion I fattened up the rest of the fuse. The wing hold down is designed like an Opus hold down. A key in the front and a bolt in the rear. The wing fairing is only evident at the leading and trailing edges and they are molded as part of the wing. And lastly, I chose a slight ellipse for all of the leading edges. Just enough to clean it up but not too drastic as to change the looks or flying characteristics. I will be happy to answer any questions and I will be sharing more photos soon.

Here is the elevator plug. I will be pulling top and bottom molds from this part.
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