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Seeing the Farside.
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Originally Posted by **neons**
It was sunny today so it makes for better pictures. The hand carved pilot can't be seen because the plastic canopy went from a cold garage to the warm sun and temporarly fogged it.

As you will see there is more than meets the eye in its construction. The plane is a GWS foamy kit. This took one month to build doing a few hours here and there per day. The pilot is shaped free hand from a piece of foam and spackle. There is 4 carbon arrow shafts in the plane. 2 in the wing and 1 each boom full lenghth.

The nose and the 2 engine cowls are molded with carbon fiber and glass from a copy of the original plastic ones. The propeller spinners are made with a vacu-form rig I built and used in my wife's oven. The decals are created with my printer on plastic film then water proofed and transfered to the plane with a little help of 3M -77 contact spray. The decal is a picture of a P-38 found on the web with that fancy artwork. The devil translation for the German language say the Twin Forked Tail Devil as was called by the recipients of the bombs and firepower in its day. The markings do not follow any particular plane or squardron.

The paint is all air brushed on with Wally World paint. The motors are Dualsky XM300A Brushless Outrunners. The plane should have 3 blade props to look correct. I use GWS DD 9X5 2 blades because it lands without landing gear in the fields. So less damaging.

**Neons** Bob
Absolutely beautiful Bob... I envy your 38, airbrush, homemade vacuum former, and wife's oven.

I'm still waiting for someone to slap on some vario-props to compliment the stunning airframe.

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