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Crash Report!
The nice thing about the EPP Boomers, is they don't get real damaged in a nose in. The main damage is usually the fuselage snaps off and is easy to glue back on.
The Stryker-Cat Boomer does fly well, but its not real EPP. Its a mixture of EPP and styrofoam, which makes it stiffer, but damage easier.
I recently changed the GWS motor on my Stryker-Cat to a 24gram outrunner. I took it out flying with the boys, in 20mph winds and all were amazed at how it handled the wind. I took it out the next day to a local school and I got hit by a really bad glitch that I lost total control and it nosed in under power.
The day before I'd lost orientation of my outrunner Wild-Cat Boomer in 20mph, gusty winds and nosed it in.

So I thought I'd show you the difference.
You can see the Wild-Cat Boomer, snaped clean off and is just glued back on.
But the Stryker-Cat Boomer's damage is more complicated.
First, the nose snapped off, but the front of the airframe got smooshed upward.
I tried a hairdryer and let it set out in the sun a couple days, but it was still bent up alot.
So what I did was to dip the parts into boiling water a couple times, putting preasure by hand to get it back into shape. The boiling water makes the foam beads soften, but swell also. So when I went to put the pieces back together they wouldn't fit up tight. What I did was to take a demrel tool, with a diamond burr and sand down the beads a bit that were swelled. It worked so-so. It was a lot more work than EPP, but it will fly again.
Heres some before and after pics. Butch
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