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It makes sense and it doesn't make sense at the same time.

If I fly at my club I have to use two pins to fly, which is guaranteed to annoy someone waiting to fly. Yes! we have pins for 2.4 gHz. Only four people are allowed to fly at a time unless the field marshall permits two pilots to fly at one (hmm... I don't know the formal word) flying position. Aerotow and gliders in general are excluded but they have certain frequencies set aside for them.

Point is that for now at least there are pins even for 2.4 and if I need two pins to fly someone is going to complain about my hogging two frequencies.

On the other hand if you are alone in the boonies, who cares. When I am off by myself I already have too much gear to lug, what with extra rx's, goggles, camcorders (plural if I've got someone to shoot my plane from the ground.) etc.

Cutting down on the clutter both in terms of carrying gear and occupying frequencies is part of my personal goal. OSD for instance means not using 900 mHz to transmit telemetry data such as variometer and altitude, which I use now with my gliders.

I'm sure all these problems will be solved eventually with some sort of two way link.

BTW, I don't know who or how the decision was made to limit the number of 2.4 gHz tx's allowed. Neither the general membership, nor the board was involved in the decision, but nobody complained. I think the idea was to prevent arguments about people casually turning radios on in the pit area. Too much for the field marshall to have to monitor. Dunno, apparently a unilateral decision by the officers.

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