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Separate Radio for gyro Head-Tracker

I was looking through the threads here (all the way to the begining of time) and didn't see anything that mention that you could use a seperate RC radio to transmit head movments to Pan n Tilt servos. If there is one can you point me there or maybe there's a Head-Tracker gyro with built in seperate radio, Thanks. If not the reason I ask is that there's a few people out there that have sent me emails on the subject so I thought I would search it out here in FPV land where the all the masters fly in .
Here's the reason this has come up, the use of radios like the DX7, MPX-HiTek, JR, etc...that don't have the ability to operate the needed channels through the trainer port or some mods have to made with possible draw-backs.
Wouldn't a seperate radio solve this. Something like a spare 3-4 channel radio and with the head-Tracker just being wired directly to the channels needed. Separate RX in the aircraft that would operate Pan n Tilt. If so this could also free up the FPV pilots that still would like there trainer port connected to a buddy box for the spotter. Seems possible to me to do it and I'm sure someone has, even though it would require a little more gear and that maybe ok for some to gain Head-Tracking without buying a new radio. The Head-Tracker radio could be placed anywhere since you will only need to get to it, to turn on and off .

Here's what I would like to do:
Spectrum DX7 2.4 radio to operate plane
HiTek Lazer 4 to operate 2 servos for Pan n Tilt (maybe 3 for side tilt (Z)
Head-Tracker conected directly to Laser4
HiTek RX 2 or more channels for Pan n Tilt
900mhz wireless video

I'm going with this set-up since I already have this gear but any radio compo should work.

I realize that it would be easier to just have a compatible Head-Tracker radio like a Futaba but for some it's not an option when a person already has purchased a different un-compatible radio (like myself ).

Like stated above: if this has been done already, just point me there
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