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Build part 10 Glassing the Model

For this part of the build there is no wrong way to do this! Everyone will have there own take on it. Do as you see fit!

I highly recommend watching the video for this process, as seeing it in action replaces 1,000 words. I am going for a lite build so I am not overlapping anywhere, only one layer across the whole thing. For your average build you'll want to double up the glass in key areas. Only double up ahead of the CG! You only need a single layer behind the CG, anymore then that will make it more difficult to achieve the CG. I'll usually put two layers on the bottom starting at the battery bay up to the nose! Also note that in the video Chris overlaps every layer of glass, that is fine to do but we have discovered overlap should be kept under a 1/4"- none at all.

Please work in a well ventilated area! This glue is strong!!! Its not a good feeling! (pic one)

So I'll start at the bottom. Flip the model top down in the bed. Be sure the surface is clean and free of debris. I wipe it down with a damp cloth and let it dry.

Cut two pieces of glass, one for each half of the trailing edge.(pic two) Place it so three inches, approximately half of a 6" piece is hanging over the trailing edge. Now only work with one piece/one half at a time, you don't want to get ahead of yourself. Make sure your 3M90 is open all the way to high,(twist the lid till it points at the H). Hold the nozzle 2-4" from the surface and give good spray across the piece of glass. (Pic 3) Be aware not to spray the glass that overhangs the TE. This is important!
Now take your plastic putty knife and work the glue into the pores of the glass. Just slide it across the surface at an angle.(pic4) Try to only work side to side or the weave could snag and distort. If you look at the weave in the light you can see that the pores are filling in. They don't all have to be filled, but this is what you are looking for. There is a fine line between to much glue and not enough but the only way to learn this is from first hand experience.

Now repeat on the other half of the wing.

Cut and lay your next layers of glass.(pic5&6) Keep the overlap under 1/4" or no overlap at all. Repeat the above process of glue and putty knife. Then repeat this process up to the tip.(pic7) For extra strength under the bay, place a second layer perpendicular to the root, from the battery bay to the nose. This will strengthen under the bay greatly.

Now measure from the nose back 2" and from the leading edge of the tip back two inches then cut a strait line from mark to mark as shown in pic 8 & 9. Do this on both halves while the glue is still wet!. You can put the leading edge cap on after you glass the top. I however put mine on now since I am trying to avoid any overlap. Do this however you see fit.

Now set some weights across the trailing edge and let it sit for a minimum of 3 hours. All night if your not in a hurry.(pic10)

Now when its dry, it should not feel tacky at all, this is the greatness of 3M90. You'll have to trim around the motor mount and make relief cuts where necessary. Its a lot like trimming in covering film really.(pic11)

Now spray the trailing edge bevel with 3M90 and start by working the glass flat against the bevel. (pic12) Now continue to work the trailing edge cap over to the top.(pic13). Make a relief slit along the Gold n rod(pic14). Now just like you did on the bottom spray the whole cap down with glue and float it with the putty knife. Repeat on the other half. Then continue towards the nose just like you did on the bottom.

Again measure back 2inches from the nose and 2 from the leading edge of the tip and cut off the glass like you did on the bottom in pic 8 & 9.

Now place it back in the beds and put your weights on the trailing edge while the glue cures for a minimum of 3 hrs.

Once cured you will cap the leading edge like pic 16 & 17 shows.

When thats set you have to trim around the motor mount, cut off the excess from the tips, and inspect all the glass to make sure there are no bubble. Look especially close at anywhere that is wrapped such as the TE cap or LE cap, and around the motor mount. If a bubble is found hit it with more glue and press it down flat.

All done!
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