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Build part 9 Prepping for Glass

So now is the time when you want to go through and fix any holes blemishes, or low spots.

If you haven't done so yet, go ahead and trim the excess spars hanging off the tips with a dremel and cut off wheel or hack saw.

Now this step is optional, your average plane you would bevel the balsa elevon. Which is fine. If you prefer this method then go for it. However I prefer to cut the bevel on the trailing edge of the foam. Do what ever you are comfortable with.

Take the lightweight Spackle and a putty knife. Use this to float over the spar slots, holes, or anything else you think needs it. Keep in mind that as the wing sits now will act as a mirror once the glass is installed. Everything will reflect through to the surface. So its really up to you how clean you want the finish.

I like to lay my float on thick and then sand it smooth and level, Otherwise it could sink/shrink a little on you and you'll have to float it again. This stuff is almost weightless so don't hold back! The key areas to float on the bottom are the spar slots. Float them sand them and then move to the top. The top shouldn't have much to float other then the antenna tube, if you used one. Take a good look over the surface and float any imperfections.

I like to go a little farther then required and chamfer each side of the gold n rod. I only do this for looks it has no noticeable affect on the plane. I just take some Spackle, and use a round object and drag across it to get that half pipe shape. Sand a little when finished.

Take a black marker and outline the bay doors and where the hinge is. This will help you find where to cut once the glass is on. If you forget this step its next to impossible to find the bay doors again. Spray some 3M90 on first and then tape the bay doors closed. This will keep you from fighting the doors popping open while glassing.

Take a piece of scrap coro and block the servo horn and linkage. Spray around the servo with 3M90, then use some tape to cover the exposed linkage. Strapping tape is good for this application, but use what you have. I put two layers of tape down to add some firmness to the area.

You'll also have to take the wing bed and cut some slots in it where the Gold n Rod will sit when the core is top side down. Take a look at pic 11 to get the idea.

Basically take your time to inspect the wing and fix whatever you see now, once the glass is on there is no going back!
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