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Build Part 7 Servos and Gold n Rod

For this step I use the dremel. I take a needle and poke it through the top until I hit the spar. I then mark the depth of the needle and use that to gauge the depth setting on the cutter. Then I cut between the lines. You want the cut as deep as possible without hitting the spar. Note the extra notch I made for the servo wires and mount tabs. (pic one)

OK, now I will cut the Gold n Rod slot. I use the same tool that I use for the spars as they are roughly the same dimensions. Now putting this next step into words is tough so just look at pics three and four. Basically I prop up the trailing edge of the strait edge so that the cut will taper off towards the end. I want the rod to exit at 3" forward of the trailing edge.

Now cut off roughly one foot of the Gold n Rod. Hook up the linkage to the servo. The linkage is easy but may confuse the first timers so I will do a quick review. There should be a short threaded rod, a clevis, and a band that holds the clevis shut. To make things easier you should have some 2-56 nuts as well but they are not required. Put the assembly together as shown in pic six. Then grasp the clevis and turn the threads into the inner rod. You may need to use needle nose pliers as the rod is hard to grasp.

Now you will need to snip the horn off just above the second hole. Be sure to leave as much meat as possible as strength around this hole is detrimental. Clip the clevis to the servo horn. The hole on the horn may need to be enlarged slightly. You don't want any play in the linkage, but you don't want any binding neither. Its a fine line. The horn and linkage should be at least 1-2mm blow the surface of the wing.

Slide the red sheath over the rod. Dry fit the servo and Golden rod. At this point make sure your servo is centered and moving freely. I will move the stick from corner to corn to make sure there is no binding. Now with the rod temporarily in place measure up 2-2.5" inches from the trailing edge and make a mark on the red sheath. Slide the red sheath off and snip it at your mark. The red sheath is now the correct Length and will not be cut anymore.

Now remove the servo and shoot some hot glue or goop on the bottom of the servo. Press it into place and hold firmly for a minute till the hot glue dries. Do not get any glue on the moving parts!

Now shoot a small bead of hot glue down the Gold n Rod slot and press it into its place. Also use a scrap of red sheath and prop up the back of the rod to add height. (pic 11)

To finish it off. cut a scrap of foam and glue it over the servo. Take your blade out of the snap off knife and slide it back and forth over the wing to remove the excess foam.(pic 13)

Your servos are now installed!
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