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Build part 3 Making your marks!

My process is totally optional but I thought I'd share. The basics still apply if you choose to make your marks after the cores are joined. This is something I learned building Superflys. I forget who turned me onto it but it was a great help. This step can be done after the wings are joined but I find this helps me keep things square! In order to use this to your benefit you'll have to know exactly what gear you are putting in your plane.

Most folks wait to draw their battery bays etc. on till after the wings are joined. This is totally fine for your average Joe but I am a perfectionist bordering on OCD. I like to mark out my bays before the wing halves are even joined. Why you may ask? I can run my square against the root to ensure a perfectly square line. Also I am not guessing where the spar is located later in the build.

Your measurements will vary depending on model and choice of gear. General rule of thumb is get everything as far forward as possible. I have a few templates located in the first post to get you a general idea of gear placement.

Servos should be placed as far forward as safely possible. Keep in mind you'll need to sink the about 2mm deeper then the surface of the wing which will allow you to cap the servo with foam. Majority of builds I do now have exposed servo rods. Its easier, lighter and more adjustable.

Now place your motor mount on the wing so its leading edge is over the spar. Use your square to get it square and trace it out. Then from the trailing edge of the motor mount measure out 3.125" and make a mark, now measure from the root to the absolute trailing edge 4-5" depending on your taste and make a mark, connect the dots and you now have the prop slot measurements

All right, mate the other half of the wing and align the cores. Transfer all marks over to that half and repeat the process.

You now have everything marked out on your wing!

Adding hood latches:
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