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Just an observation.

My Frog design is draggy because of the extreme undercambered airfoil of the wings. They provide extreme lift at low speeds, and are structurally stronger due to their shape. I did try to reduce all the drag elsewhere as much as possible.

The upswept tailboom is to counter the fact that I was running a 10" prop. The large prop meant that the center of thrust was soooo far above the wing, that the rudder wasn't even in it. I angled the boom up until I found a fairly optimal angle for the controls, and their airflow.

John, since you're using a much smaller direct drive prop now, you don't need to sweep the tail boom up to such an exaggerated extent, however, I still feel that some angle is useful even if only to keep the tailboom up off the ground in hard landings.

Personally I like the style of what you're doing here, and I can't wait to see how it all comes together. I hope that there turns out to be some way to do this without changing mosfets, since that lone step becomes a killer for most builders out there.

Best of luck. I can't wait to see it in the air.
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