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A very short tutorial as to how to cold roll a Blu-Baby wing has been added to here:

If you are unsure of the forming process this will amaze you. It's pretty easy.

Pic 1. After rolling the airfoil, flatten it a bit so the camber is the same for both. Make sure they mate together nice and straight. Block up the tips and you'll see where material has to be removed in order to mate them after the dihedral has been sanded into the wings.

Pic 2. After the dihedral has been sanded in, glue 'em together. I normally use a bead of hot melt. After it has completely cooled (dried?) I take a thin bead of PU glue and rub it into the joint. When it expands it assures complete adhesion. I put a half width strip of duct tape, preferably white or black, across the top of the joint for looks and strength. It also assures the PU glue doesn't ooze out the top of the wing. Under the wing, I cut a popsicle stick halfway through, bend in the dihedral and hot melt it to the wing at the 33% chord mark. This is also the CG point. Lastly, I run a strip of fiber reinforced tape across the bottom of the wing, tip to tip. This tape is brute strong a gives a great deal of strength to the wing without adding any appreciable weight.

NOTE: This plane was designed as a primary trainer and was designed around the GWS IPS motor system. If you are goiing to put a powerhouse motor in it, additional bracing may be needed. On the Blu-Baby Park (GWS 350-C), I used bamboo wing struts.

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