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Originally Posted by 2Sunny
So just for kicks I checked a few items of curiosity:

1) Weight without gear or battery 15.60 ozs
2) Weight with battery but no gear 19.0 ozs
3) Gear weight 1.7 ozs
4) Watts at full throttle as measured by an AstroFlight Wattmeter 120.
5) Amps at full throttle 10.3 amps at 11.6V using the supplied battery fully charged.
6) Prop RPM 9570. Prop listed as a 10x6 (by 4).

So my guess is the plane was designed to meet the recommended 100 watts per lb for good sport flying, but the motor is cheap and probably produces about 65% efficiency which is impacting the high end performance.

I'm planning on ordering the parts to make a modified version and it looks to me like the price will be about $77 which seems about right.

I thought about it some more and was trying to figure why I opted for this model over all the other P51 choices after agonizing for months on end. I wanted something that didn't take a lot of time to make look nice (i.e. a GWS or FSK) nor did I want something that had a high probability of crashing on the maiden (i.e. a Parkzone or an Alpha) and I didn't want a P51 that needed a runway or a big field (i.e. a Hyperion). Given all those considerations I must admit that this model fit the bill to a "T". It looks great right out of the box, launched flawlessly, flew slowly enough to stay inside my park area no problem, and had enough hummmph to do loops and rolls even if they were a little on the weak side. All in all I think I need to show a little more enthusiasm than I did earlier because this baby is really nice, and has potential to be truely great . . .

Prop RPM 9570?????
How did you get that number from? It is obviously wrong for a huge 10x6 4 blade prop to spin at close to 10000 RPM at only 100W.
That RPM number sounds more like a 7" or smaller 2 blade prop.

This is 4 blade prop did you choose the right blade number? If not or your gauge does not have this option then you have to divide the number by 4. If it is from some ESC reading you have to divide by the 1/3 pole count of the the outrunner motor.
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