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Originally Posted by Fundy
Good info here - thanks! However, I just maidened one of these for a beginner pilot at my field and it flew HORRIBLY. It was giving all the characteristics of being super tail heavy - pitching up, uncontrollable, ect.. We couldn't figure it out. We balanced it and with out fingures on the molded points on the wing, the nose hung down just slightly. He had a lipo battery in there pushed up against the spectrum rx. The control surfaces were behaving correctly on the ground - just couldn't figure it out??
Dave -

Just have him move the battery 1-2" forward, that should take care of the issues. My FJ was also a bit tail heavy, even when balanced as per Multiplex's recommendations. I know the classic signs of a plane being tail heavy are sensitive elevons -- even the slightest movement will cause the FJ to change direction sharply. However, my FJ still flew quite well even when it was slightly tail heavy.
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