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HBFP-like heli capable of flight in wind??

Well, I've gotten pretty good with my blade CX2. I'm ready for a good outdoor flyer. I've been VERY tempted to get the HB FP, but I live in an area where it's usually pretty windy…not extremely windy, but there's always a little breeze. I want to fly strictly outdoors so I need to be able to handle the wind. So, I'm assuming a CP is better than an FP? Also, I guess I'm a beginner so I don't want anything too ridiculously hard to fly. I bet I could handle a CP from the minimal sim time I've spent at the hobby shop. I was flyin upside down and stuff, although that's not my interest. I just want to be able to fly outside in FFF and do nice banking turns. 3D not necessary!!!

So what would be a good beginner heli that would be capable of flying outdoors in light wind conditions? I really like the HBFP and the price. Could it handle slight winds? Is there a comparable heli that can? I'm sure I'll probably end up with the HB FP anyway because of the price

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