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Tips? Only general ones.

I've built a Great Planes kit or several, and they are quite nice, but the wood can be very heavy in places. After all, they are designed for glow engine vibration. Many of the ones I built had a lot of solid balsa blocks in them--unacceptable for electric conversion. Either hollow out the blocks or remake the part from formers and balsa sheeting.

Keep the plane as light as possible. Always think in terms of adding minimal weight when you make your glue, covering, accessories, and equipment choices.

Substitute lighter or thinner wood for heavy solid sheet stock, solid blocks, or plywood if you even think it may be too heavy. Electric airframes don't need the heavy plywood and beefy solid structures that glow does. You'd be surprised at what you can get away with insofar as removing excess wood goes.

Look through other build threads for others who have done similar Cub conversion projects. You will find many Cub conversions, with many choices for motors and battery setups from cheap Chinese motors to expensive ones. I recently did a 72" Graupner/Blackhorse Cub ARF using this motor on a 4S2P 4200 mah pack. Flies great.

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