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Begin the rewind.

Now you need the winding pattern. This motor is an 9N6P (9 stator pole, 6 magnet). Therefore the winding pattern is ABCABCABC (each wire is wound every third tooth). This winding pattern will not work with the very common 12N14P motor. So before you start winding, count your magnets and stator poles and determine the winding pattern from the list below. Lower case letters indicate winding that tooth in the reverse direction.

9N8P (very rare) - AaABbBCcC
12N14P - AabBCcaABbcC <or> AaACBbBACcCB (I find this winding easier)

Now you can start winding. I used New-b wire from for this. It has extra insulation to prevent shorts. I chose three strands of 28 gauge wire. So it will be an 8 turn triple wind. L lower guage will be a larger wire, so you won't need as many strands for the same current capability. I use higher gauges as the wire is more flexible and easier to work with.

Start winding with any pole you like. Go only in one direction (I went clockwise). Once you complete the number of turns you decided on earlier, skip two poles and continue winding the next. Repeat this process until one third of the poles are wired. It should look like the picture below when you are done.

If you are planning on terminating Wye, mark the ending terminal of the wire. You'll need to join the ending terminals of all three phases when it comes time to terminate the motor.
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