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Starting the rebuild

Before you do anything, I highly recommend insulating the stator. Take it from the king of stator shorts, a stator short can easily destroy your speed control. I can not stress enough how much easier your rewind will be if you do this.

Most stators will be already insulated, but if you cooked your motor as well as I do that coating is toast, in wich case you'll need to reinsulate it. Start by using a small hobby file to smooth all the rough corners on your stator.

Insulating the stator:

The best thing to use is loctite 410 and a little CA kicker. It is available at for $5. Be sure to coat the end turns well as that is where a short will occur.

Another method is the epoxy dip. Get a good high quality epoxy that hardens well (faster cure such as 15 or 20 minute will be easier) and mix in about 25% of a good dark paint. Wrap your stator in tape (don't forget to protect the bearing) and then dip in the epoxy and let it run off. Continue dipping to get a good coating.

A third method, is a thread wind. Wind a peice of thread several times around your stator teeth. You don't need to cover then entire thing completely. 10-20 turns is usually enough. Then soak the thread in thick CA and let it soak into the thread. After a minute or two, spray with kicker. This will leave a thin coating of CA over the stator with thread to keep it in place.
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