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Construction Details

Here are some photos showing the build of this model. Construction methods are very similar to the rest of my park jet designs. Although it's a bit more complicated than the F-15 and F-18 park jets, it's a lot less complicated than the F-14 and F-22 park jets. But overall the build is pretty simple and straightforward and goes quickly. The hardest part about building this model is that it requires a LOT of sanding due to all the complex curves and fillets. This design features extra large corner doublers in the fuselage and nacelles to allow sanding those parts to a scale round shape, but all that extra sanding is definitely a lot of work. But then again it wouldn't be a real Sukhoi without those beautiful curves… ;D Just be sure to wear a dust mask when sanding so you don't inhale all that foam dust and make yourself sick (don't ask me how I know… )

Note there are wide variety of options for how this model can be built, including:

* Canard or no canard – The plans show all the modifications required to convert this Su-37 to one of the original non-canard Su-27 or Su-30 variants. All that's required is to delete the canard, install a modified strake and modify the vertical tail. The changes required to do this are shown in red on the plans.

* Twin motors or single motor – This design can be easily adapted for a single centerline motor, which could be done with or without thrust vectoring (in this case it would be single-axis or pitch only). Note the upcoming Littlescreamers Super Park Jet Special motor would be an excellent motor for a single-motor version. The changes required to do this are also shown on the plans.

* With or without thrust vectoring – The TV system provides amazing maneuverability on this model but also adds quite a bit of weight, cost and complexity. For those that want a simpler version, this model can be built without the TV system and will still be a great-flying park jet. Another option would be to simplify the TV system by slaving the TV and stabilators together mechanically to eliminate the need for one pair of servos and a lot of complex transmitter programming. I'll describe the TV system in more detail in the next post.

* Flight controls – There are a wide range of flight control options on this model. To actuate everything (stabilators, flaperons, rudders, canard, thrust vectoring, throttles) would require 9 channels and up to 8 servos! But on the other hand, this model could be flown just fine using tailerons only—3 channels and 2 servos. The setup on my model is in the middle, with tailerons, rudder, thrust vectoring, and twin throttles, for 7 channels and 5 servos. I'll describe the flight controls and mixes required in more detail in a subsequent post.
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