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Sukhoi Su-37 Super Flanker Park Jet

Here’s my next project to share with the forum, the Sukhoi Su-37 Super Flanker park jet. Some of the development details of this model were previously discussed in another thread located here.

This is my new #1 favorite park jet! It is smooth and graceful in the air, yet when pushed hard demonstrates incredible agility—just like the real Su-37 in the many videos posted on YouTube. This model was designed for twin Littlescreamers Park Jet (LSPJ) motors and features a working 3-axis thrust vectoring system (pitch, roll, and yaw) just like the real thing. With the TV system off, this model handles as well as any other park jet I've built and is very predictable, easy to fly, and has no bad habits. But with the TV system on, it can do wingtip flips, incredibly tight turns, and wild tumbling maneuvers. The TV system also provides excellent controllability at ultra low airspeeds and high alpha. With the twin LSPJs, top speed is in the neighborhood of 80 mph ( ) and thrust-to-weight ratio is between 1.4 and 1.7 for unlimited vertical. AMAZING performance! And with counter-rotating propellers there is no prop torque, resulting in very smooth launches and more jet-like handling qualities.

Here are the technical specs:

Wing area: 290 sq in
Span: 30.0”
Length: 43.2”
Weight RTF: 22 to 28 oz
Wing loading: 11 to 14 oz/sq ft
Motor: Two Littlescreamers Park Jet (LSPJ)
Battery: Thunder Power 2100 mAh 11.1V Prolite
Prop: APC 6x4 regular and pusher (counter-rotating props)
Current: 36 amps total
Watts: 350 watts total
Power loading: 220 watts/lb
Speed control: Two Castle Creations Thunderbird 18 or Phoenix 25 ESCs
Receiver: Berg 7P
Flight controls: Stabilators (tailerons), rudder (optional), thrust vectoring (optional)

This model was designed specifically for twin LSPJ motors so it’s sized slightly larger than my other standard park jets, with 290 sq in wing area instead of 250 sq in. This was done to account for the higher weight of the propulsion system (two motors, two ESCs, larger battery) and thrust vectoring system, yet still provide parkflyer-type wing loading. Other motors could work OK (such as Axi 2212/20's), but they need to be lightweight (both for balance and to reduce the load on the TV servos) and spin a small diameter prop (to reduce gyroscopic effects when using the TV). However, it will be very difficult to beat the performance of the LSPJs—they are ideally suited for this application since they are so light and provide so much power with just 6" diameter props!

I haven't shot any flight videos yet since the model is still unpainted, but look for one in the near future. My next priority is to paint this ship. I'm planning to go with the stock tan/brown/white Su-37 paint scheme shown below, partly because I've got too many "air superiority grey" park jets already and partly because this will allow me to leave the bottom half of the plane unpainted (saves weight and time).

Plans for this ship are posted in a following post below.

EDIT (7-26-07): Here's a flight video of this model:

Sukhoi Su-37 Super Flanker Park Jet (3 min 50 sec)
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