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First step - gluing halves together

On the video, CK is putting together a wing in what would be condidered relatively high heat for Michigan. It was 80 that day. In the summer its 100 degrees and the 3M 90 tacks up really quick. In the video it took a while. In my basement at 60 degrees it took forever. If this is you, work next to an electric heater or have a handy assistant (in my case, my lovely wife) hit it with a hair drier for a couple of minutes while you're holding them together.

I used gorilla glue to glue the spar in first spar the goes in the predrilled holes across the two cores. My goal was to fill the cavity with glue so that I had full support across the wing. I activated the glue with water like the video said. I used a little too much glue. Gorilla glue expands. As you can see in the second pick, the glue seeped through the foam. However, it did not deform the wing. The easiest way to take these off is with a long blade like you use later to cut the motor mount slit.
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