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Funny all my delta terminated motors are able to dissapate more heat then any of my simliarly terminated wye motors.

I guess I can do an experiment.

-Wind one motor with 4T of 21G and terminate wye. (I'll even go down to 18G for good measure if you like)

-Wind another motor with 7T of 21G and terminate delta.

Run both motors WOT static until one burns out.

I believe the reason being is that Delta carries current on two wires(2/3 vs 1/3) at at time whereas wye only carries current on one at a time. I think I'll go consult my motor leprechauns again as I am tired.

Now compare this to inrunners. I believe this still holds true but you realize that the windings on inrunners are cooled by the outside surface of the can. So I don't know how much you can compare the two. Probably at the extremes of a motor you can find a difference.
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