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Newbie Ritewing TL-50 build

This thread is a little late. I had the wing nearly built and messed up the fiberglass process. CK did an excellent build video, HOWEVER, most everyone that builds a Ritewing has built something else before. But I'm a total newbie... other than I've been spending a lot of time on the G3.5 simulator.

I still might be way over my head starting with a Ritewing. That remains to be seen. But that is not really what this thread is about.

My big mistake was not laying down enough 3M 90. I watched that section of the video before I went out. I was trying to keep the weight down or conserve on glue. It actually looked like I was spending more time spraying than CK was on the video and maybe I was.

IMPORTANT TIP!!! Before you start glassing your wing, look straight down on the 3M 90 can at the nozzle. You will see the letters L, M and H. Crank it over to H for high.

I was NOT laying down enough glue. It looked fine when I left it, but the next morning the mesh was bubbled up and some of the mesh wasn't sticking down to the foam. I tried laying down some more glue and got out some wax paper, aluminum foil and an iron. It was a regular iron, not a monokoat iron. This might have worked, but I got the foam too hot and it started caving.

I'll start posting pictures, probably tomorrow. I took a bunch of pics along the way, but I've got to sort them out. I will also take pics of the replacement build. I have a couple of ideas to improve on my last build... besides using enough glue.
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