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Originally Posted by Skinner46
This is great stuff and I congratulate Lucien on a creating data that is rare on motor sales sites!!
I would like to point out that inexperienced people should be wary of comparing data just based on motor size, prop size, etc. You must also be aware of the winding connections (WYE or DELTA) and the effects thereof on charted data. I believe all of the scorpion motors, at present, are DELTA connections and data should be treated accordingly.
I'm not sure if mine are WYE or DELTA, but what is of main interest to me is a comparison of how similar sized motors perform under similar load in similar input power conditions, regardless of their winding configuration. Assuming the data in Lucien's charts is actual measured data for voltage, amp draw and static thrust, my conclusions after comparing that data for the Scorpion 2212-26 with data produced by Dr. Kiwi for my similar-size gold-series AXI 2212/26 (kv=920) and Hacker A20-22L (kv=924) are that the motors I have produce roughly 6+% to 8+% more static thrust, respectively, with the same prop and similar power input. But that comes at a significant price increase!

On the other hand, the silver-series AXI 2212/26, reportedly just 2% less efficient than the gold-series, and I'd anticipate it would compare favorably with the Scorpion in bench testing. It's now selling in the upper $40 price point, several dollars more, than the Scorpion motor, but it comes with none of the extra mounting and prop hardware, so Scorpion comes out on top in that comparison.

I'm just trying to cut through all the high-temp hype and see what's left. I prop my motors conservatively, and they are barely warm to the touch after a flight, if that. The ability to withstand very high temperatures is not a feature I would normally need, just like I don't need lipo packs capable of 20-30C discharge rate. For me, the high-temp ability would be more of an insurance policy if I mistakenly put on the wrong prop.
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