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Originally Posted by jamesdr
I love it! Whay did I wait?"
Cuz it just looks too dam good. I had just totaled an FSK ME-109G yesterday(not my fault...manual cg is way the heck off...I even had it further forward).
My P-38 has been built since late Oct last year, but, to me, it looked way to good to see it in a pile of foam and I needed to appreciate its good looks for a while before I could risk trying to fly it. I had some pretty bad luck with several planes last year(99% mechanical failures...1% was a pilot error - seriously! not joking here) so I waited to fly this one hoping that nastyness was gone.
I actually maidened the 262 well before this one because I knew there was a replacement plane at the LHS in case something happened(which I ended up buying as a back-up anyhow). I had fewer reservations about the 262 simply because of that. Sure, I could have ordered another P-38, but the amount of work I put into the plane makes it so I have more of an attachment to it and it does take longer to build then the 262.
Plus, last but not least, all the other ppl at my club are real eager to see this one fly, so there was some pressure there as well not to dork it in. WInds have not be cooperative esxcept for today. Since Nov 06, there has been few days of calm enough windsto maiden a plane on. Flying one you know is already ok is different, but a maiden is well, you get the idea.
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