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Finally got the nerve to maiden my GWS 38 today.
I hate risking such a nice looking plane, but, well, I just had to try.
AS a note, the plane is setup as follows:
2 x E-flite Park 370 outrunners
Master Airscrew 9x7x3 counter-rotating props
18 amp Thunderbird esc in nacelles(no bec wire cut)
2100 ThunderPower 3s battery
CG is 76mm from LE
Differential thrust is setup on this plane, but is not required as I have stearable nose wheel. I did test the effectiveness of diff. thrust on the runway, but did not use it for the maiden flight.

Plane taxis straight as an arrow thanks to the counter-rotating props.
Once it lifted off, it wanted to climb rather steeply, but this was more due to thrust and amount of elevator Iw as inputting to lift off.
Once level out, only a few clicks of down elevator were required and 2 clicks for right aileron.
SHe flew quite well and I only need just above 1/2 throttle for decent cruising. I did keep it at 3/4 throttle for most of the flight to be safe though.
5 mins of flying and brought it in for landing.
On touchdown, just before the plane stopped rolling, the main wheels came off and rolled off to the sides, but zero damage occured as the wire struts promptly halted any movement

I am very relieved now as I can fly it again without being so nervous and feeing the need to have a bowel movement if you know what I mean.
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