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They can doubt it all they want, but the fact of the matter is that it is true. During the development of the motors, Scorpion did some rather intensive temperature testing, just to see how far the motors could be pushed. They ran the motors with a prop at room temperature and established a baseline reading of voltage, current and power used. Then they took the test motors and put them into a heat chamber with a prop on them, attached to a speed controller that was mounted just outside of the chamber. The motors were then "Pre-heated" to 150C (302 F) and ran at this condition.

After the test, the motor was allowed to cool back to room temperature and retested to see if it was damaged in any way by the high heat exposure. The readings for the second test showed that the motor drew the same current and produced the same power as in the first test, and had suffered no ill effects from the operation at the high temperatures in the test chamber.

That pretty much says it all! I don't think that you will find any other motor out there that can be subjected to a test like that and survive undamaged.


Thanks for the kind words! I do my best to represent everything I sell as accurately and professionally as possible. If I do make a mistake, I will publically admit it and take whatever corrective actions that need to be made to remedy the situation. I have too much riding on this to mis-represent the products or my company, you can count on that! My reputation is very important to me, and I would never do anything to jeopordize that.

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