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I read the supplied link about high temp perm magnets and it seemed to imply that magnets rated to 200C were possible but that manufacturing magnets rated to 300 or 400C was problematic. It seems to me that this supports what Lucien has said. I would also note that the article supplied was published in 2000 which means that the research was probably performed in 1999 making the info 8 years out of date. This seems a little curious to me. Are we to assume that work on developing high temp magnets ceased 8 years, did the aerospace industry just throw up their collective hands and say 'I give up'?

FWIW In my dealings and contacts with Lucien I have found him to always be honest and forthwright, not to mention exquisitly well informed. To claim, as Peter Maul did, that this 'purely marketing' seems to border on the absurd as this would be a absolute whopper of a lie to tell - especially so as if it were not true the claim of 200C rated magnets would certaily be exposed which would permanently damage the reputation of the company which wouldn't make a whole lot of sense would it?

Just my 2 cents.

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