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Originally Posted by Innov8tive

Thanks for pointing out the 2 mistakes in the post. I have gone back and corrected them.

Yes, I did mean 90 watts, not 90 amps!

And as far as the Kv changing, you are right, it does go up with weaker magnets, I know that, but I must have had a bit of dyslexia of the brain there!


Abuse away! I did run the 2215-18 motor with an APC 10x5E prop on 4 Li-Po cells a few times during the tests! It pulled 23.5 amps on 14.0 volts for 328 watts of input power. It spun the 10x5E prop at 9,725 RPM and put out 48.4 ounces of thrust! That is an insane amount of power for a motor that only weighs 2.18 ounces! I do not recommend this as a combination to actually use in a model, but it does show that the Scorpion motors can take a considerable amount of abuse without failing!

Lucien form what I already see from your motor temps it is going to still be running strong at the end of the summer. In a week or two I will start my 50 flights a week practice.
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