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Originally Posted by Umi_Ryuzuki
Torpedos are typically single fire pieces of 3"x 1/4"diameter rod in 1/72nd scale. They don't go to far, usually less than 12 feet.
In 1/144 scale, they are often represented by large ball bearings.
None of the torpedos in "rc combat" are powered.

Our sub guys called "no Joy", because the destroyer captains could lob about 6-8 ball bearings straight up into the are, and arc them down range around the submarines. If a referee saw that the bearings dropped within a foot of the submarine, it was called sunk. The "hedge hog" weapon typically sunk the same submarine three times a battle.
The Sub guys were right to declare "no joy" because the rules unfavorably stilted the kills significantly to the destroyer side.

Hedge Hogs were an improvement over depth charges but they were a 'contact' kill weapon, they did NOT detonate in proximity like a depth charge did. So the rules for your hedge hogs should be that a round must actually make contact with the sub, not just land near it.

Subs would be tricky to work with in RC combat like this, especially since they would be forced to operate on the surface.

It would be possible to simulate a depth charge run on a submerged sub with strobed LED's triggered by the DD captain. If the photo pickup on the sub is within the range of the strobe, it immediately rises to the surface 'dead'.

A hedge hog would be hard to work with against an underwater target unless you used something like 'jacks' or caltrops to simulate the round and had some thin foam atop the sub for them to stick into. If a shot came close, the judge could force the sub to surface and if it had a jack stuck in it, it was 'sunk'.

It can be done but it would be hard, and in my opinon not worth the effort. Subs were more effective in commerce raiding than surface engagements. They were a pain in surface engagements but they were a tactical, not strategic weapon when placed in a fleet engagement. I'd just keep them out of the fun to make it more fun. Just my $0.02 there...

I'd love to join one of these combat clubs but I don't have the time or funds to travel to any of them in operation.
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