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This was more of a general statement than pretaining to the Scorpion ESC's in particular. Brushless motors have no set timing like brushed motors do, so they run equally well in both directions, and the ESC does not care if it fires off the phases in "ABC" order or "CBA" order.

The reason that I made that comment is because on rare occasions, I have seen Brushless Speed Controllers revert back to their Default settings due to a glitch in the power-up of the controller. This can sometimes occur when you are plugging in the battery, and the connection does not mate up right away, and you actually turn the controller on and off about 10 times in under a second while you are fidgeting with the power plug.

I have never seen it happen on a Scorpion ESC, but I have on a couple cheaper Chinese No-Name import products. The real problem is that it is a safety issue. If the last 100 times you held your plane before takeoff, it allways pulls forward when you open the throttle, you are not expecting it to push back. If the ESC were to reverse directions, and you were not expecting it, it could push the prop back into your hand and cut your finger pretty bad. Tat is the main reason why I always set up my motors to turn the proper direction by swapping the motor leads instead of using the reversing option.

The chances of having an ESC default on you are probably 1 in a million or less, so it is really not a big issue. However, I like to play guitar sometimes, when I am not flying, so I would like to keep all my fingers intact!

If you have an installation where the motor leads are buried inside the plane and inaccessable, like they are on a couple of my ParkJets, and you need to reverse the motor direction, then by all means, use the reversing feature, that is what it is there for.

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